Saturday, August 09, 2008

As If I Could Forget....

Went out to see Howard Iceberg and one Titanic (the wonderful guitarist Gary Paredes) playing an acoustic set at Prospero's Books tonight. It was about as intimate a setting as you can imagine--maybe 30 feet from door to mics (maybe) and only room for a couple of dozen people, who were all there.

I never forget how great Howard is, but there's no way to fully remember that magical place his music can take you until you are actually experiencing it again. Every old song reminded me why it was my favorite of his songs, until the next one came along, but I fell hard and fast for his new ones. Check out "Disconnected" here--www.myspace.howardiceberg

Also, I did some reckoning with my own long history writing about KC music in a story for the Pitch this week. You can check that out here--

(And I'll try to remember most people who check out this page are looking for the music; that is the one that brung me.)


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