Monday, September 03, 2007

Hey Ho Rock and Roll, Deliver Me From Nowhere
Yesterday, I was going to be spending 7 hours on the road, so I pre-ordered Springsteen’s Magic album from I-Tunes to get a copy of “Radio Nowhere” for my library. Two slightly different versions of the single downloaded, so I slapped them on the beginning and end of a Springsteen mix I made a while back for my friend Kristie Stremel. She hasn’t ever listened to him much, but no two artists talk to each other more in my head than those two, so I really want them to know each other. Of course, I picked a batch of songs I could imagine her doing or that seemed to me to respond in some way to things she has done. This was the resulting playlist--

Radio Nowhere
Open All Night
Prove It All Night
She’s the One
Restless Nights
Something in the Night
Loose Ends
Darkness on the Edge of Town
You’re Missing
Countin’ On a Miracle
All That Heaven Will Allow
Radio Nowhere (abbreviated version)

It told a story, and I wrote a "Single-Minded" for Hopefully, you'll see it there soon.
Meanwhile, here's something I wrote recently for KC Star Music Editor Tim Finn's "Back to Rockville" page. Just more empirical evidence of what so few want to acknowledge is important about today's music--