Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lost and Found

I've never been much of an archivist, so most of my writing has been lost over the years, lost to me at least. Anyway, searching for an article I wrote about a particularly memorable night in a couple of local blues clubs, I discovered that the local website, the Zone, though it hasn't functioned in about 4 years, is still available on line. And my columns for that site are available in two places-- and

Looking back at them, there's material I've mined (re-recalled, rewritten, self-plagiarized) for other things here on "Take 'Em," but I also think they tell their own story, certainly capture a progression of events and reflections on those events that's important to me. Since it's a time in my life that seemed to have some universal significance, I hope it feels that way for others to read them now.