Monday, September 03, 2007

Hey Ho Rock and Roll, Deliver Me From Nowhere
Yesterday, I was going to be spending 7 hours on the road, so I pre-ordered Springsteen’s Magic album from I-Tunes to get a copy of “Radio Nowhere” for my library. Two slightly different versions of the single downloaded, so I slapped them on the beginning and end of a Springsteen mix I made a while back for my friend Kristie Stremel. She hasn’t ever listened to him much, but no two artists talk to each other more in my head than those two, so I really want them to know each other. Of course, I picked a batch of songs I could imagine her doing or that seemed to me to respond in some way to things she has done. This was the resulting playlist--

Radio Nowhere
Open All Night
Prove It All Night
She’s the One
Restless Nights
Something in the Night
Loose Ends
Darkness on the Edge of Town
You’re Missing
Countin’ On a Miracle
All That Heaven Will Allow
Radio Nowhere (abbreviated version)

It told a story, and I wrote a "Single-Minded" for Hopefully, you'll see it there soon.
Meanwhile, here's something I wrote recently for KC Star Music Editor Tim Finn's "Back to Rockville" page. Just more empirical evidence of what so few want to acknowledge is important about today's music--

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Chris Manson said...

That's an interesting mix. Mine always start, for some odd reason, with "Cover Me" but I'm going to have to wrack my brain now trying to remember what (if any) album some of those songs are on. Looking forward to MAGIC.