Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Have It All

47 posts ago, I started this blog talking about two women who have helped me through some dark places, Mary J. Blige and Kristie Stremel. Almost a year later, Mary J's reaping her just rewards for an album, The Breakthrough, that lived up to its name both commercially and artistically. Meanwhile, Stremel is about to release her own breakthrough album, 10 years. I am so excited about this that I've tried to help how I can, mainly by contributing a new bio to her website that I hope captures some of the signficance of this artist who has given me so much over the past decade.

Here's what I wrote--http://www.kristiestremel.com/bio.php

And check out her new video, "Have It All"--


After you hear that, you really oughta listen to "Paper Heart"--http://www.kristiestremel.com/audio/10years/paperheart_sample.mp3

If you wanna remember why music matters so much, spend some time with her music. She teaches me something indispensable every time I do.


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