Friday, April 27, 2007

Voices That Need to Be Heard

I met with some of the great folks in the Hip Hop Congress this past weekend, who are doing all of the kind of constructive actitivities that aren't coming out of this condescending rap debate that I've been sucked into. Check them and others fighting alongside them to end the real obscenities--

And the vital cultural collective Tia Chucha--

And the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign--

And check out The Human Writes Project's Mark Gonzales's rhyme, "In Self-Defense of Hip Hop: Reaiming Rutger's Rifle"--

Also, check out the Memphis Rap's response to the insanity, "Rap/Hip Hop: You Can't Censor the Truth" (see link to right on Memphis Rap page)--

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taken Away

I've written a couple of posts over at Living In Stereo where David Cantwell is doing wonderful work countering the current assault on rap. Please check it out--