Sunday, August 20, 2006

Two Hearts

(pictured left, Ron Casanova's
No Housing, No Peace 1999; right Lauren Alexander's Homeless)

This month’s People’s Tribune features the work of two of my favorite Kansas City teachers, both artists who have shaped my political and aesthetic vision in countless ways.

One is an article by Ron Casanova, who founded the Kansas City Union of the Homeless in the early 90s. Cas brought together many local visual artists, musicians and specific issue activists for the very first time and taught us new ways of interaction and perceiving our relationship to the city and world around us. I, for one, can never repay him for all I learned in his presence.

His interview for the paper’s regular column “Spirit of the Revolution”:

A recent article on his art on exhibit in New York:

My other teacher/artist hero featured in this month's People's Tribune is Lauren Alexander. Her painting, Homeless, and Dreaming of a Home graces an important “Vision for a New America” column by the Tribune’s Bob Lee—